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Cygnus Homes

At Cygnus Homes we have developed a market leading energy efficient dwelling that increases profitability for housing developers while reducing living costs for owners and tenants.

By using state of the art manufacturing and innovative design Cygnus Homes has created an E SMART house that is over 100 % more energy efficient and significantly more cost efficient than standard new dwellings but still adheres to all building regulations regarding build quality and mortgage suitability.


Time from procurement to completion on site can be as little as 8 weeks creating major savings for any developer.

For People…
Stylish, adaptable and energy efficient homes for economic living.
For Developers…
Largely off-site manufacture with integrated systems for straightforward and rapid construction.
For the Environment…
Over 100% better than current building regulations for thermal performance.


Partnered Innovation

By working closely with our selected industry leading Supply Chain the solutions we have developed are proven tested and supported. All of our design and development decisions are predicated on optimising the manufacturing processes whilst achieving the highest levels of design, performance and functionality.