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Economic Sustainability and Renewables

With our innovative approach and manufacturing strategy the E-Smart house is at least 20% cheaper than the current market rate for the same performance standards.

The E-Smart house uses the thermal performance of the fabric and passive energy gains to minimise space heating needs based on Passivhaus (PH) Standards. With integrated ventilation, whole house controls and renewables the E-Smart house is exceptionally economic and energy efficient.

Renewables and Ventilation

The largest energy demand is in hot water and we support this with Solar Thermal Hot Water backed up by off-peak overnight heating and a boost facility.

The houses are ventilated using two solutions either MVHR or Demand led ventilation. This means we can meet full Passivhaus (PH) certified requirements or PH performance without the certification or a demand led ventilation system which is more or less equal in energy need to MVHR.

Solar PV is an option with an integrated roof installation. This option can make the E-Smart house an annual net generator of energy.

Space Standards and Adaptability

The E-Smart house range meets the National described Space Standards making the houses comfortable to live in and adaptable over various life styles and mobility needs configured as standard to meet Part M Category 2 accessibility requirements.

Under £100 a year to heat a two bedroom, four person house.

Whole House Controls

Whole House Controls

Unique to Cygnus Homes is the Control App developed with nCube providing smart and intuitive whole house and system controls with energy consumption display and a simple IN/OUT/ Holiday mode options.

The whole house can be remotely monitored for energy performance and consumption.

Economic Living

E-Smart houses are designed to minimise the amount of energy required each year with a 2 bed 4 person home costing less than £100 a year to heat and a total potential cost of £250 a year for all energy requirements.

With no gas, maintenance is also minimal and the smart control system prompts make this process simple. With all equipment the same in each house, whether for an individual owner or multiple ownership scenarios, maintenance is predictable, easy and cheap.

Ultimately every one’s lifestyle and preferences are different and our E-Smart houses cater for this by being passive and adaptable. The degree to which energy saving in optimised is up to the individual. What we say is that the base is very good and un-intrusive.

Environmental Benefits

The E-Smart house is over 100% better than current building regulation standards for thermal performance.

Using the E-Smart house installation can reduce site development time by up to 50% with resulting environmental impact reductions.

The E-Smart House is low carbon rated and includes a wealth of simple and effective environmental measures from high levels of insulation to smart and effective controls which reduce energy and resource consumption.

With the PV installation option included the E-Smart house can be a net generator of power.

Designed to passivhaus principles and with high levels of natural lighting.

All materials are sustainably sourced where possible with water conservation options as well.

Shorter site development times have significant and real benefits including reducing the vehicular traffic flow during site development. The resultant environmental and community impacts are lower than traditional site based development.

We also do not require gas and have low power needs which means that an E-Smart house has a lower impact on utility services infrastructure requirements.

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