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Manufacture, Systems & Services

Manufacture and Efficiency

Up to 90% off site manufacture.

E-Smart houses are manufactured in controlled factory conditions, ensuring that we can consistently meet and maintain the high standards of construction assembly that is required to deliver our high energy performance.

In the manufacturing process we deal with the integration of the fabric components and the building services components including our Patent pending E-Riser modules ensuring a streamlined and integrated product delivered to site with simple and relatively low skill requirement to install.

The E-Smart House manufacture is fully integrated from the design and installation of our base ring beam and services locator, through the e-riser modules and fabric manufacture to the installation and finishing, testing and commissioning of each individual house.

From order to handing over of keys can be as little as 10 weeks.

Readily and easily adaptable for all occupier needs.

Integrated Systems and Utility Services

The E-Riser Module is manufactured and optimises the configuration and installation of services and equipment within the E-Smart house. The E-Riser Module configuration floor by floor is the same for any house type.

Because we standardise all vertical runs, we can also make all horizontal connections the same and these are integrated with the house layouts. With all services distribution routes rationalised and integrated with the structure we optimise the benefits and efficiencies of manufacture.

The E-Riser module allows us to accurately co-ordinate with incoming services. We provide and accurately install the services ducts and pipes under the house using our Patent Pending building sealing system which consistently, quickly and effectively delivers the fabric air seal around all incoming services during installation.

E-Smart houses do not require gas and all we require is for the developer to install the utility services infrastructure into the house plot to link to the connection points we provide. These are the same for every house on every plot.